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Embrace Your FULL POTENTIAL. Get in the ZONE.

To reach your peak potential, releasing stress and enabling empowerment is the first step. Research shows that 90% of health issues are stress related and are triggered by the lower brain (primal brain), known for it’s fight or flight, fear based reactions to life.

Live your ideal life by energizing the part of your brain (Prefrontal Cortex) that enhances your creativity, clarity, focus, productivity, motivation, vitality, passion and joy. The Higher Brain Living® system is designed to transform your life as you flourish, functioning predominately from the consciousness of your higher brain.

The Higher Brain Living Program and Technique
Uncover Your Authentic, Empowered Self

Effortlessly move into the dimensions of higher performance and life satisfaction through 45 minute sessions in which the light touch technique to the connective tissue along the spine allows stress and traumas to be released. This newly freed energy is directed toward the higher brain augmenting it’s ability to problem solve, create and manifest from an enhanced perspective.

A Life in Balance

Live optimally by cultivating your 4 Dimensions of Life

The 4 Dimensions, (Mind, Body, Relationship and Environment) are the primary components of the human experience. Higher Brain Living® embraces Ken Wilber’s research of the four dimensions and incorporates them into the client’s daily practice.

Start living Your Peak Potential
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