The Higher Brain Living® Program
The Program consists of 3 Tiers, 22 weeks and a new life!

This initial phase consists of 4 sessions, one per week, 45 minutes each week. During these sessions the client relaxes, notices the change of breath that occurs in the body as touch points along the spine and connective tissue are anchored. The light touch to the connective tissue releases stress in the body, oxygenates the cells and promotes and enhances activity in the prefrontal cortex which is the regulator of complex cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. (weeks 1-4)

TIER 2 promotes the continued energizing of your Higher Brain (pre-frontal cortex), which leads to more clarity and empowerment. At this time, a revolutionary system called “Evolution in 4 Dimensions” (E4D) is introduced. This concept has it’s origins in the great American philosopher Ken Wilber’s work. E4D allows you to locate the blockages in your life that hold you back from attaining your dreams.The 4 Dimensions are: Mind (we use the term “Mind” to represent ALL inner experience, including emotions, thoughts, spiritual experience, consciousness and awareness), Body, Relationships and Environment. In Tier 2 You create ReSOULutions for all 4 dimensions to move closer to your dream life. (weeks 5-20)

There is no known ceiling effect for what the Higher Brain can do with more energy and deeper pathways. It is possible to continuously create a life with more depth and purpose. (weeks 21-22)  Once your body is de-stressed and energy is available to your Higher Brain (TIER 1) and the blocks holding you back are eliminated (TIER 2), your life’s energy is freed and you will find out who you really are on the deepest level.

It is from the Higher Brain that you can use this realization to engage your Authentic Self and express your gifts in the world. Once the Higher Brain’s energy is freed and your Authentic Self is set free, discovered by energizing your Higher Brain, bypassing the thinking brain and “asking” the intuitive brain: “What is my destiny?”

TIER 3 also grounds the discovery of your Authentic Self in “Cosmic Consciousness”—that eternal part of you that wasn’t born and cannot die. In the later stages of TIER 3 you have access to the ever-present awareness of the eternal part of you that is beyond space, time and manifestation. This becomes the foundation from which your authentic evolutionary self expresses itself.