Awaken Your Life Services
Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching session (45 minutes)

Incorporating NLP, TIME Techniques and Hypnotherapy.

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Be more powerful and effective when you have the support and direction you need to get energized and motivated to embrace your goals.  Having the clarity and vision for you life are key elements to provide the driving force for your actions. You will be in control when the beliefs, patterns and unconscious programs that have been inhibiting you are released. Imagine the freedom and success that can be yours.

To maximize the effectiveness of your coaching session, in addition to coaching fundamentals, I incorporate NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing), TIME Techniques and Hypnotherapy as necessary, and make the process fun.


Full Day Breakthrough Session (approximately 5 hours)

What’s stopping you from having the life you desire and deserve? We’ll get at the root cause, break through your barriers, fears and limiting beliefs and create the shift you need to start moving forward with clarity and purpose.

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An  Awaken Your Life breakthrough session is a fast and easy one day intensive personal Coaching program that will expedite the compelling and meaningful changes you need to make to get your life on the path you desire.  This session is personalized for your goals, and provides the clarity you need to achieve them, while eliminating what is currently preventing you from attaining them.

I use a variety of modalities, starting with releasing the stress and anxiety that may be preventing you from having the vision that creates your passion. It’s this vision that prompts and motivates you to take the action required for the results you desire. I include a Higher Brain Living session to release your stress and any anxiety, and activate the part of your brain that will provide clarity and insights. I incorporate Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques and possibly a subconscious reprinting as some of my tools.

We eliminate the limiting beliefs, old programs and unconscious patters that do not serve you.  We’ll provide your mind with new resources and perspectives, you will gain knowledge and clarity. This allows you to take the steps to move forward.  You will leave the session equipped with tools that will aid you in moving forward on a daily basis.

How do you know if a Breakthrough is for you?

If you prefer to see results quickly, and want your life to change now, this is for you.  Start your new life today by calling and find out what this can do for you!


Higher Brain Living

2 Introductory Higher Brain Living sessions (45 minutes each)

Effective in releasing stress and calming the central nervous system while enhancing energy, clarity and mindfulness.


3 Higher Brain Living sessions per month (45 minutes each)

Plus 2 (30 minute) coaching sessions monthly.

$395 per month

Full Higher Brain Living (20 week) life changing program


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